Garden Photos

Various lettuce varieties.
Spring plantings under a wire cloche. 
Coldframe of recycled materials: old window, haybales, pallets and plastic.  
This coldframe served as our greenhouse the first year. 
Spring greens and broccoli.
Chinese greens, radish and arugula.
Sugar snap peas with carrots around hoops, 
Sunfowers with cucumbers planted below.
Butterfly enjoying Tithonia.
 Spider living down inside bed
 Web of life at Tierra Sonrisa.
 Micro greens.
Chinese cabbage with mixed chinese greens in back. 
 Bed of broccoli with bok choi in front.
 butterfly enjoying tithonia.
 Snow peas planted in hoops grow to 7 ft. tall.
 Compost pile.
 new beds for the spring.
Tomatoe horn worm parasitized by braconid wasp emerging as pupae. 
Volunteer work day. 
Bustamante chiles ready for market. 
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